Interview with Ingrid Starnes


We first met the lovely Ingrid Starnes though a mutual friend, and at that time Tessuti was looking to shift premises. Once we caught wind of the fact that Ingrid was also on the look out for a shared space - there was no looking back. Tessuti felt that the two brands sat along side each other beautifully - with Ingrid's garments showing quiet thoughtfulness, beautiful detailing and considered workmanship of which we knew our existing Tessuti customers would understand and appreciate. It was a perfect match!

Now, years down the track, we are still admiring Ingrid and her lovely designs in store. This season we are lucky enough to be able to offer her limited edition poppy print. We caught up with Ingrid to find out about her current collection Norwegian Wood, the process of printing fabrics here in New Zealand, and her up-and-coming venture into fragrances...


- Tell us about your current collection in at Tessuti. What were some concepts that you were inspired by for this?

Our current collection is called Norwegian Wood. A name that references both a wonderful, haunting sad and lovely novel by Haruki Murakami and this beautiful song by The Beatles, from which the novel took its name. We liked the way that the name is an example of bits of culture being picked up and put together in new ways, much like assembling a collection from a soup of references and feelings.

- Tell us about this gorgeous, exclusive poppy print that we have been lucky enough to get in!

The poppy print started out with a range of flowers. I was interested in making an oriental feeling for the print, layering chrysanthemum flowers onto poppy colours as a watercolour pencil drawing. A bit swimmy and lovely. Once the design and drawing is done and decided, we send it to our wonderful print makers at Design and Print. You can click here to see a whole story about that process.

- Any favourite artists that you admire?

Kirstin Carlin's paintings and Karen Inderbitzen-Waller and Delphine Avril Planqueel photography.

- The last book you read?

I am reading the Luminaries and loving every bit of it!

- Your ideal way to spend a day off?

Gardening and hanging with my family.

- Best coffee in Auckland?

eighthirty coffee roaster.

- The last thing that you were excited/inspired by?

Going to see California Design at the Auckland Art Gallery.

- What are your plans for this summer?

Heading down to Gisborne over Christmas and New Year to spend some time with my family, I can't wait!

- What is one thing that is going on your Christmas wish list?

We are pretty excited that the perfume we have been working on for the past 2 years will becoming available mid-December and I can finally get my hands on one..... and a luxury Missoni beach towel would never go astray!


Come into Tessuti to see all of the beautiful Ingrid Starnes pieces. Summery and light, they're all a little bit addictive!

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