The Ethicurean

Our first reaction? Let's book lunch here! 

With a background working with ingredients sourced at farmers markets and developing a keen understanding for the seasons, friends Jack Adair Bevan, Paula Zarate and brothers Ian and Matthew Pennington started The Ethicurean. The ethos behind the name is simple, it seeks to embrace the French concept of ‘Terroir’, loosely translating to mean ‘a sense of place’. Everything, from the vegetable patches, bursting with marrows and fragrant herbs to the 19th century apothecary décor combine to create what Jack describes as a “quirky, fairytale-like” environment....

We are in lust of The Ethicurean. To celebrate such concept and attitude towards local food and seasonal living is admirable. 

Why not take advantage of this rush of inspiration and get your hands dirty with some good ol' healthy gardening. Let your summer be filled with your own garden bounty - rich in flavour, not in price, and share your seasonal creations with friends and family.

It could all start with a simple herb pot... Shop our range of pots here. 


Source: Freunde von Freunden

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