Interview with CODE LOVE

Summer feels like the perfect time to get playful with your accessories, adding colour, extra shine and plenty of fun. 

We are so excited about the newest jewellery brand to come into store, CODE LOVE. Not only are they beautiful pieces to wear, but CODE LOVE also use a morse code to convey secret words within their designs allowing the wearer to carry around a special message, feeling or mood.... How brilliant is that? A gorgeous gift for someone special. 

We talked to Australian-based designer Megan Carmont of CODE LOVE... the mind, heart and soul behind the code. 


- When did you start making jewellery and what was the motivation for doing so?

Having always been a creative and in my early years very crafty, I dabbled in jewellery design from my early twenties, making gifts for family and friends. However, the inspiration for CODE LOVE started in a very personal way when a close friend of mine was very ill. I wanted my girlfriend to know how inspiring she was to me as well as sending her the strength she needed in a very difficult time.

I crafted bespoke necklaces of semi-precious stones that used morse code to convey the word ‘strength’. My girlfriend loved it, not only because she thought it was beautiful but more importantly for the message it carried. It became a powerful and significant bond between us and still is, to this day.

I love the concept of wearing and/or giving a piece of jewellery that means or says something personal. All women love to wear beautiful things, a piece of jewellery carrying a message of love or support, or just a special word is so much more precious.

- Tell us about your current collections that are in store at Tessuti. What were some of the inspirations for these pieces? 

Tessuti carry the CODE LOVE Classic wrap and new in store is the Chain wrap range.  Both of these collections are designed using single inspirational and thoughtful words.  

Many things inspire me… I love beautiful, timeless things that are designed with purpose (function and form) but I also like a little surprise. Relationships are also very important to me, the exchange of love, moods and feelings between friends and family are unique and no two relationships are ever the same, and they're constantly evolving.

- What kind of girl/woman is the 'CODE LOVE' jewellery wearer?

No matter weather your 10 years old or 90 years old CODE LOVE is a timeless collection that offers something unique and special. With CODE LOVE you can wear a piece of timeless jewellery that actually says something beautiful, empowering or special. All CODE LOVE pieces are designed with feelings, and I think to feel is to live.

- Tell us a bit about the space in which your work from

I am very lucky that I have a studio space at home that overlooks the ocean it’s really peaceful.  I get lost I’m my little creative world with my dog and my music – it's my little slice of heaven.

- Any favorite materials/stones you like to work with? 

I don’t really have a favorite material, I love that the semi-precious stones I work with have energies, and depending on my mood, or on the day, I can definitely feel them at play. I love experimenting with new materials.

- Any artists/designers who work you admire? Where do you draw your inspiration for ideas?

I’m constantly amazed by what beautiful and unique concepts and designs people come up with. There is no one person I admire - there are hundreds. My inspiration comes from many different forms, it doesn’t matter what medium I use I always like to feel what I create. To move people through visual mediums is a definite drive for me (even if the message is hidden).

- What are your plans for this summer?

This summer we are actually heading to the chilly slopes of Onawa Onsen on Japan's main island. I met my lovely hubby Richard when I was there on a skiing holiday, so those mountains will always have a special place in my heart. Richie wouldn’t admit it but I ski better than he does, so I love that about it too…

- Favorite place to eat out? 

My favorite food is Japanese, so whenever there is a special dinner to be had I always choose SAKE in the Rocks in Sydney, the food is super fresh and a wonderful blend of Japanese and seasonal produce.

- Favorite dish to cook friends?

Something simple that doesn’t take me away from conversations and laughter. A marinated shoulder of lamb on the BBQ, fresh salad and some squashed baked potatoes. Finished off with a pav topped with raspberries and cream…. 

- Favorite drink to enjoy in the summer evenings?

That’s easy - a Hendricks and tonic, but it must have the slice of cucumber and plenty of ice.. 

- One thing on your Christmas wish list?

This year Richard and I have decided to buy a sculpture or work of art in Japan for our Christmas gift. So it might be a bit of a later gift-giving this Christmas.


Shop CODE LOVE here. Available in store and online now. 


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