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To celebrate our newest arrival in store, we chat to Melissa Brooks, creative director of I'll Hang It Here...

Having grown up in a very tight knit family, one that Melissa explains as "small but mighty", it was her nana that initially inspired her blog I'll Take It Here, which in turn has inspired the name for Melissa's next venture I'll Hang It Here – a local, family run business that makes hanging up your favourite items a much more beautiful and enjoyable experience.

"It was a joke we used to have, I'd be saying goodbye after a visit and when we were about to hug we'd say "I'll take it here". My parents have always been hard workers, my Dad, with his own business; and they are both so audacious." And it seems hard work and a passion for the arts runs in the family... 

Every I'll Hang It Here rack is now lovingly hand made to perfection, what started as a small father daughter combo has now moulded into a boutique clothing rack line run by Melissa and her partner Russell. Their pieces will compliment any room, whether it be the corner piece in the foyer or the opulent luxe rack in your bedroom - I'll Hang It Here offers a moment of interior magic in which you can enjoy your most cherished textile pieces. 

Having created such a beautiful and functional product, what is your own personal background?

A creative at heart. I was never a lover of school or being confined to the norm. I finished school and completed a hairdressing apprenticeship, going on to work for some of the best in the industry. After 10 years of playing with hair I decided I needed to mix my love of fashion and online marketing/social media. I worked for New Zealander designer moochi, as their online co-ordinator and after a few years there I decided I wanted to pour more time into I'll Hang It Here.

How would you describe 'I'll Hang It Here' as a brand?

We create bespoke, handcrafted clothing racks. I’ll Hang It Here are not your typical home wares clothing racks, our vision is to bring a piece of NY or Downtown LA into your homes. Our designs are reflections of our travels and lust of exploring clothing stores all over the world. Inspired by my own experience of not being able to find exactly the right piece to display my clothing, I feel I’ll Hang It Here is a breath of fresh air when we are now wanting to display our clothing instead of hiding them away behind cupboard doors. Bold, organically grown, elegantly stylish while slightly badass. Raw and simple. It’s about doing something with soul, creativity or love; when you leave a piece of yourself in your work.

What was the most recent thing you saw/read/heard that inspired you?

Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear collection by Balmain. The recent Fashion Week show in Paris donned icy grey, pale pink and beige with those metallic waist-shaper belts. Rousteing's message for fall was about the decorated body - pearl incrusted and tasseled poitrines, lacy legs undulating with ruffles, rococo beaded embroideries on clingy velvet and sheer mesh. One collection I'd swoon over seeing hanging on a I'll Hang It Here rack..

Can you tell us a little about how the brand comes together in terms of makers or people you collaborate with?

The majority of our racks are made in our studio, they then are sent off to our amazing local powder-coater. We worked with a local engineer on our new collection MUSE to create a truly distinct look. We pride ourselves in having everything made local and as ethical as possible. I collaborated with a wonderfully talented, local graphic designer to come up with our brand logo Michelle Metcalfe she is amazing and we are so happy with how it turned out. We have also worked with the same photographer right from the beginning IsabellaClark her work is so original and she totally gets what I want with every shoot. A strong point from day one, thanks Bella! 

How do you think 'I'll Hang It Here' should be best enjoyed?

They are centre point pieces - they are to be enjoyed by our ever wandering eyes, in the corner of your living space or as the hero of your bedroom.

What is one favourite things to do in Auckland during the autumn season?

Bluff oyster season.. My partner and I scout out the best bluff oysters in town and make an afternoon of it, or five.

Best coffee in town?

Our local, Takapuna beach cafe.

See our Hang It Here racks, available in store and online now. 

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