Studio Visit | Olivia Smith, NODI

NODI. Italian for knots.

After studying Textile Design at the European Institute of Design in Milan, Olivia travelled to India where she learnt the technicalities of weaving. With a love for functionality, the imperfect, and the humble knot, NODI was born... 

Since then, Olivia has built herself an inspiring small scale business with the things she appreciates most: valuable relationships, transparency in materials and product, and the art of making. Her home and work space echo these values in naturally dyed textiles and thoughtful art pieces. We spied a beautiful collection of books and photographic prints, sampled tea from India, and had a sneak peek at the new NODI collection. Olivia talked us through fascinating stories from her travels, her business learning curves, and of course, her love for anything tactile. 

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