Cookbook: Under The Walnut Tree

We love the idea of seasonal cooking, how it pulls us away from our cooking-comfort zone and forces us to experiment with readily available produce, ripe and in the prime of its flavor ...

Let us introduce you to Under The Walnut Tree, the newest cookbook to arrive at Tessuti. An inspiring and beautifully presented cookbook that cherishes the ingredients that come with the seasons. With 16 chapters each based on a main ingredient, including citrus, avocado, coconut, ginger, chillies, cardamon and vanilla, these recipes honour their unique flavours. The final chapter holds a collection of menu suggesions covering everything from small intimate dinners to large parties.

With 400 recipes, this is a cookbook to be used and relished year after year! We also love the fact that Under The Walnut Tree is written by Swedish-based mother and daughter team, Anna and Fanny Bergenstrom.

Under The Walnut Tree is available in store and online [here].

{images via Cook Republic}

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