Interview with Nick Smart of Agency de Parfum

For those of you that couldn't make it last night, we asked the very knowledgable and inspiring Nick Smart of Agency de Parfum a few questions on the importance and relationship between your scent, your emotions and your memory... 


I thought it would be good to start by having you talk about why certain scents can trigger your memory and how we attach scents to certain times and moments in our lives. Is this the secret to a good perfumer?

The sense of smell is the most direct and most sensitive of the senses, it is also the most intimate. This link between odors and emotions results primarily from the structure of the brain. The limbic system (the center of emotions) is closely linked to the olfactory center; consequently, odors have a direct influence on emotions and memory. Our brain forges a link between the scent and a memory – associating the smell of roses with a memory. I for example associate roses with my grandmother’s garden. When you encounter the scent again, the link is already there.

The harmony between the facets of each of the three fragrances has been sort to trigger strong emotions, which evolve and surprise throughout the evaporation of the perfume.

Why did you choose these three new scents flavours: 'Amour Nocturne', 'Deliria', and 'Skin on Skin'.

Cult Parisian perfume house L’Artisan Parfumeur has set a new standard with the collection of these exceptional fragrances. Bringing a moment of sublime intimacy, Amour Nocturne’s elegant soothing notes of hot milk and caramel surround deep Cedarwood, giving way to a powerful burst of gunpowder and orchid. A true explosion of love, beyond time and place. Déliria, a fantastic contrast between creaking metallic, intoxicating rhum and gourmand notes of toffee apple and candyfloss, thrills the senses into a delicious blur.

Merging sensual iris suede and velvet leather, Skin on Skin awakens the animalistic instinct with a flawless combination of saffron, whisky, lavender and rose melting into musk and skin, resulting in a carnal creation to be used without moderation. 

What do these three scents bring up for you personally?

The key idea behind each of the fragrances within the collection is intimacy – to create an emotion within the wearer that is very personal. Amour Nocturne is an explosion of love, beyond time and place; an addictive perfume is evokes feelings of comfort and tenderness. Skin on Skin is fierce and smooth at the same time, evoking memories of desire and attraction. Deliria is an explosion of sweetness and excitement, an extremely original and intriguing perfume. 

What kind of person is the L'Artisan wearer? 

A L’Artisan Parfumeur fragrance is an olfactory and evocative experience. Our clients are looking for something exceptional, something that will make them feel unique and individual as they move through their lives. 

What is L'Artisan's ethos?

L’Artisan Parfumeur is one of the most unique and iconoclastic fragrance houses in the world. They work with imagination, exceptional raw materials and visionary perfumers to forge a distinctive alchemical vision, creating some of the most intriguing, singular and deeply personal scents of recent years. L’Artisan Parfumeur aim to capture the emotional power of olfactory art.


Our whole range of L'Artisan Parfumeur's fragrances are available in store and online [here].

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