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Kathleen Waite and Robert Trathen started Peppin Boutique in November 2010 with the opening of their flagship store in Auckland's Herne Bay. With Kath coming from a fashion background and Rob an established freelance photographer, they created a store and range of baby wear that doesn't conform to the conventional. With their son Jet as an inspiration, Peppin concentrates on beautifully made and designed clothing using high quality fabrics such as merino and organic cottons, with a mix of neutral colors and eye catching prints.

To celebrate the arrival of the gorgeous new collection from Peppin in store we talk to founder Kathleen Waite about commissioning artists to create her prints, being a mum, and the ideal winter inside-game; Snakes and Ladders….


- Tell us the back story of Peppin. When and why did you start?

Such a cliche, I'm pregnant and working in the fashion industry and have a baby boy - we see there is a gap in the market for better boy's designs (although Peppin caters for both sexes), so I started making pieces for my coffee group. Rob and I know you have to go the whole hog to build a brand, so we jumped into creating Peppin pretty quickly.

- We love the printed pieces, can you tell us about these gorgeous prints?

We often commission artists, I give them a brief and we tweak and brainstorm to get the print just right. Rob and I also come up with print ideas, I'd like to do more of this - I just need more time!

- Being a mum yourself, what are some must-have winter pieces for babies and/or toddlers?

Singlets for snugness, a hoody, a cardigan, and something waterproof - we offer a quality puffer jacket and a shell jacket. Also, gumboots are a must!

- What sort of fabrics do you use and why is this important for baby/ children?

We mix it up with fabrics, we use organic cotton which is great for newborns, and we also use regular cotton for the non-fussy parents. Merino is such an amazing fibre; antibacterial, soft to touch, anti wicking, easy care - babies, toddlers, adults - everyone should own some!

- What are some fun winter games you and your little ones like to play during winter?

Board games! Like Snakes and Ladders. Ben who is 10-years-old, his favourite is Guess Who .... (and he cheats). 


See our range of Peppin [here] available in store and online!

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