Interview with Thisby + Solomon

Thisby + Solomon is a perfect mixture of bohemian and modern design. Intricate detailing of plaited cord, specially woven-in beads, and hand-picked charms all suggest time, patience and love. And that is exactly what it's wearer feels when wearing each piece! Precious jewelry that hints at island-time, while being simple and comfortable enough for everyday use. In a nut shell, these delicate pieces put a warm smile on their wearer's face!

We spoke to Kat Corbett, the lovely woman behind Thisby + Solomon, gaining insight to where all of this 'patience and love' comes from...


- When did you start creating your jewellery and what was the motivation for doing so?

I did a night course when I was about 25-years-old and fell in love. I knew creating jewellery needed to be a big part of my life. A year later I quit my day job to pursue the dream - it then took a few more years, a husband and two babies to develop the aesthetic you see today.

- Tell us about your current collections that are in store at Tessuti. What were some of the inspirations for these pieces?

The pieces at Tessuti are pulled from about five collections but are all designed to work together or with other silver and gold pieces. The Mantra Bracelet is from my very first collection Mantra Beads. This was inspired by the different types of meditation beads like the rosary and Buddhist mala beads, which have been used by cultures for centuries to reflect and connect. The silk wraps are from my Silk Road collection - these are fun, versatile, bohemian pieces. I love that they can be worn as a necklace, wrist-wrap or an anklet. The thin adjustable cord necklaces are from my little cord collection. These were designed to be worn, almost as a second skin - they are very fine but have an understated, almost organic elegance to them - great for every day wear.

- Tell us a bit about your workshop space.

It's completely mad. I would love to say it was a beautiful tranquil space where magic happens but it's not. I have two very busy little boys and my work fits entirely around them. I have a workshop under our house where I do my silver work but the kitchen table is where the majority of the pieces are assembled and finished. The chaos doesn't bode particularly well for an organised domestic life - every now and then I find I have to emerge and reclaim my space - feed my children, wash some clothes and take my man on a date!

- Any artists/designers who work you admire? Where do you draw your inspiration for ideas from?

I love the raw simplicity of ancient African and Roman jewellery and sculpture. Simple form, texture and weight are elements I consider for every piece. I think Zora Bell-Boyd's work is amazing! She makes imperfection look so beautiful - her pieces really are little pieces of art.

- Best place to eat out?

Milse - who needs dinner?!

- Favourite dish to cook friends at home?

I love putting on a good brunch - I've got poaching 8 eggs in a pot of water down to a fine art and my husband makes lethal creamy mushrooms...the whole experience is a coronary waiting to happen!

- Where might we find you on a Sunday?

On a family adventure somewhere...


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