Exclusive Interview with 'And So It Goes'

There's no better situation than creating something you're passionate about with your friends. Whether it be a bowl of pasta, a gift-box for a mutual friend or a local business. Georgia Tribuiani and Clarice Chin are L.A-based friends with a soft spot for using their hands to create something functional and beautiful. The result? And So It Goes net bags. The modernist update from the original market bags, these net bags introduce leather handles and hand-woven thread in lovely colour options. We just can't get enough! They're the most useful things we own, they look great in any situation and they're a little bit unique, and we like that!

We chatted with the two designers and friends about how they enjoy their own net bags, how they spend their Sundays and their love of Italian bread....


- When did you start creating your net bags and what was the motivation for doing so?

We started designing and making net bags a year and a half ago. We’re both in front of the computer a lot and wanted to make something tactile, with our hands. When we started our collaboration, it was really important for us to follow a couple principles- we wanted to promote local artisanship and pursue environmentally sustainable practices.

- Tell us about your current collections that are in store at Tessuti. What were some of the inspirations for these?

We really love our current collection. We were inspired by traditional string bags but wanted to put a twist on them so we included leather handles and spent a lot of time developing the shape of the bag. Since it's summertime, we wanted to include bright colors like the orange and blue bag while keeping our classic natural and black bags in the mix.

- What are some of the best ways to enjoy using your net bags?

At the farmer’s market, at the beach, while grocery shopping. It’s so compact and light, we always have a net bag or two in our purses to use as an extra bag.

- Can you talk a little bit about the hand-weaving process for each bag?

We load the cord on a shuttle which is the device used to hold the cord. Then we weave the cord around a mesh stick which determines the size of the holes of the net. With this method, we shape the body of our bags knot by knot with a single piece of cord. We finish the bags by hand sewing the leather handles.

- Tell us a bit about your working space.

We don’t really stay in one place when we work. We’re out and about looking for inspiration, sourcing materials. We sketch during brunch, chat over dinner. We’re good friends so there’s a fine line between work and play.

- Any artists/designers who work you admire? Where do you draw your inspiration for ideas from?

Sheila Hicks, Lenore Tawney, Harry Smith, Bruno Munari.

- Best place to eat out?

We like to cook at home a lot but if we were to eat out some of our favorite restaurants in LA are Bestia and Republique, Cortez and Osteria Angelini.

- Favourite dish to cook friends at home?

Italian- bread, olive oil, cheese and tomatoes and pasta with arugula- walnut pesto.

- Where might we find you on a Sunday?

At the beach or In the backyard gardening.


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