Exclusive Interview with From The Kitchen

With a magnitude of food blogs on the rise, is it rare that we are stopped in our visual-tracks by one of them.

From The Kitchen is absolutely glorious, and an absolute exception. The images alone make you want to dive right into them and ravish the beautifully presented food in one fell swoop! And the best bit - it's locally made!

We are very excited to share with you our exclusive interview with the lovely Sarah Tuck of From The Kitchen. Below she talks about food styling, tells us what every good kitchen needs, and shares stories from her recent trip to France and Italy...



- How would you describe what you do?

With some difficulty, because it makes me sound like a crazy person! Essentially I write and test recipes, then source props and cook, style and photograph the dishes, then do the post-production and either feature the finished pics and recipes on my blog, or (very excitingly) in Dish magazine. I also do freelance cooking, styling and photography.

- Where did your love of food develop from?

Hmm - I think it is partly the creative process of cooking which I love so much and find totally relaxing. I also really enjoy entertaining friends and family, and I think that has played a big part in my relationship with cooking, it gives me so pleasure making food for other people - and finally I absolutely love eating!

- Tell us about From The Kitchen.

I started From the Kitchen while I was working for Annabel Langbein doing recipe development, photo shoot styling, social media and some photography. I really wanted the opportunity to practice my photography and share my recipes and ideas with people - then once I started I found the whole process hugely satisfying, and the positive feedback from people cooking my food was such a buzz! I have been blogging for almost two years and it has been such a wonderful way to keep a record of my favourite recipes, get to know other bloggers and it drives me to keep improving my photography and keep abreast of the latest food and food photography trends.

- Your favourite winter dish?

It is so hard to choose just one - but right now I would have to say slow-braised beef cheeks with cauliflower puree followed by pear and frangipane tart. Both recipes are on the blog - but I must make the beef cheeks again to re-shoot - watch this space!

- What does every good kitchen need?

A garlic crusher, stick whiz, a couple of decent sharp knives, a heavy based pot for slow-cooked casseroles, a citrus zester, a whisk and a wooden spoon! And a washer-upper!

- Where would we find you on a Sunday?

Coffee in hand either roaming La Cigale market with my husband, or fossicking around my local Farro for treats to come home and play with! (Yikes - slightly one-tracked in the food department, but totally true). The evening would find me snuggled up on the couch with my family, a good movie or British detective series and a glass of red wine!

- Your three upmost favourite dishes (from any season)?

I love so many different types of food - hence the big range of things on the blog, and actually I only ever blog recipes that I really, truly love so it is very difficult to choose just three! These picks highlight how much what I crave depends on my mood and the season!

For pure cosy winter comfort factor, (and I quite often cook vegetarian) : Sunday Night Portobello Mushroom Soup with Gruyere & Onion Toasties

For spring, clean eating, feel good factor: I Got the Power Salad.

For indulgent, dark chocolatey goodness: Espresso chocolate Mousse with Hazelnut Biscotti or at Christmas, Merry Cherry Christmousse (!!!) 

- And lastly, I want to hear about your recent travels! The images look amazing!

My recent trip to Paris and touring around Italy was an absolute dream-come-true, and very much long-awaited treat. To celebrate my husband's big birthday, and our anniversary we headed to Paris mid-May and from then for four weeks touring around Italy. We started in Amalfi and went from there to Rome, Umbria, Tuscany, Florence, Bologna and Venice. I was doubly lucky that my husband did all the planning and booking - and all I had to do was eat, take thousands of photos and soak up every second. It is so hard to pick highlights, but I would have to say Amalfi as it was just outrageously beautiful with gorgeous weather while we were there, whilst Venice was literally picture perfect. The engaging, gregarious nature of the Italians and the delicious food combined with incredible historical art and architecture meant that it was impossible to be disappointed!

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