Exclusive Interview with Georgia Jay

To celebrate the new collection from Georgia Jay coming into store, we talked to the local designer about her current musings, her natural gravitation towards the coast, and her love for the humble dinner party...

We're excited to welcome in the new collection from the Kingsland-based artisan who has a soft spot for natural hide. Georgia Jay's adorable and locally made leather bags and purses have just landed in a variety of shapes, uses and colour ways - there's a piece to suit everyone's leather-needs! 

To celebrate the collection's arrival, we talked to designer Georgia Jay about the inspirations behind the collection, her natural gravitation towards the coast, and her love for the humble dinner party...


- Can you tell us about the ideas behind this current collection?

My work always begins with choosing the hides, then a colour palette naturally unfolds and styles develop accordingly. There is always a simplistic and timeless approach to my design, allowing the natural state of the hides take the shine.

- Can you describe the space in which you work in?

I've been extremely blessed with my studio, which is situated in my apartment, which is above our show room / store / collective shared space in Kingsland. It's an historical building, with exposed brick walls, and wooden floors. My workroom is my home. It's essentially a curated collection of things I love and cherish most, it's always a reflection of my current musings.

- Describe a typical day off for you?

Generally I need to leave the city to take a day off. I am from Whangamata, so naturally I gravitate towards the coast. I feel the most relaxed and grounded when i'm in a secluded space and in the kitchen.

- What is your favourite thing to do in Auckland?  

I'm real recluse at heart, so I don't hit the town often. I love a good and humble dinner party with friends. What I love the most about Auckland is how many incredibly talented creatives there are in one place, it's constantly stimulating, and makes the possibility of collaboration so accessible.


See our new range of Georgia Jay bags [here] available in store and online now!

{images sourced via Studio Home}

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