Jordan Rondel | The Tessuti Top 5

Christmas is the time for giving, so, we're giving you all a massive hug this season in the form of delicious cake... 

Every weekend from now until Christmas, we will be serving cakes from The Caker, plus, the Tea Sisters will also be popping in to serve refreshing ice teas - all the fuel you need to get you through the silly season! 


We also asked Jordan Rondel of The Caker what's on her wish list this Christmas at Tessuti...

1. Saison A Year at the French Cafe. I want this book so badly. The French Cafe always has, and always will be my favourite restaurant in NZ. How amazing to be able to (or at least attempt to) recreate some of these magical recipes at home.

2. Bebe Faceted Bowl by Rachel Carley. I love anything by Rachel Carley, but these bowls are particularly delicate and beautiful.

3. Brass Shelf by Joska & Sons. What a gorgeous ledge to house your most beautiful possessions.

4. Corkscrew by Rondel Design. I love this, mainly because it's designed by my clever Dad, but also because how often do you find a corkscrew that actually looks good on your kitchen bench?

5. L'Artisan Interieur Figuier Candle. My favourite scented candle in the entire world. I would love for my house to constantly smell the way this candle does, it's heaven.

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