Rachel Carley | The Tessuti Top 5

A lover of colour and art, we asked the wonderful ceramicist Rachel Carley what's on her wish list for Christmas this year...


1. L'Artisan Amber Ball.

I adore the smell of amber paired with the delicate floral filigree carved into this elegant ball.

2. Missoni Giacomo Pippin.

I love the riot of patterns and vivid colours in the Missoni range.

3. Monmouth Twist Lamp.

A beautiful handmade light that is infused with subtle strains of yellow, pink and blue. Their twisted forms remind me of the much loved barley sugars of my childhood.

4. The French Cafe Saison Book.

This is a beautifully produced book. I am especially taken with the watercolour drawings in the book produced by Kirsten Roberts. I had the good fortune of supervising Kirsten when she was undertaking a Masters in painting. She has an extraordinary talent and is one to watch!

5. Beginning Cushion by Jessica Zoob.

The colours in this pillow are beautiful. They remind me of Gerhard Richter's paintings and would make any bed look like a work of art. 




{Top image features a delicious piece of The Caker's cake on Rachel Carley's Fluted Side Plates}

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