Interview | Sylvia Hill of Mayde

It's time to throw out the old tartan blanket and revive your weekend outings with our new-in Mayde Turkish Towels. A super soft blend of cotton and bamboo, these blankets are handmade on wonderful Turkish looms, available in a variety of colours and patterns.  

We spoke to Sylvia Hill of Mayde about her current collection available in store now, and her tips on how to travel like a local...


Can you tell us about the Mayde collection arriving in store? What were some of the references and inspirations behind these patterns, colours, yarns?

The patterns and most colours are a traditional reference back to Turkey - they have been producing Turkish towels (peshtemals) for hundreds of years - so they have base colours for all their towels. We started by selecting colours that they already produced, but gradually as we've grown, we have been able to start producing designs in our own colours - we are lucky that with towels, almost anything goes - so we're able to get creative with colour choices and combinations. We also need to keep in mind the dyes available for the cotton, sometimes a certain green (for example) might not be available so it has to be subbed with another colour. With our Rainbow Turkish towels, you'll hardly ever see the same batch twice!

Can you talk about your process in creating Mayde Turkish Towels?

We source all our products through our suppliers who find great artisans and ateliers in Southern Turkey - there, they each have their own designs that they produce on hand or machine looms (depending on design). So we carefully select what we love and know others will love. We work closely with a couple of suppliers - we find designs that are simple but work. One of the great things about our Turkish towels is that they aren't actually seasonal, in a buying sense - these towels, thanks to their versatility, can be used year round for different purposes, so though they may look simple and classic, they stand the test of time.

How do you suggest people can use their Mayde towels?

Whichever way they choose! Again, that's the beauty of a Turkish towel - their use is only limited by your imagination. You can use them as a beach or bath towel, a table cloth, a picnic blanket, at the gym (in a yoga class for example), as a wrap for a baby or to put over a pram, as a wrap for yourself during the cooler months, on your travels, and even as a throw on the bed. We love seeing photos of people who've bought our towels and used them in creative ways or locations! They are lightweight, dry quickly, and fold/roll to practically nothing - so they are space-saving and eco friendly in your wash - perfect for everyone.

How have you been enjoying your summer?

We have a 3.5 year old and a 5 month old so our summer has been spent covered in sweat and taking lots of dips in the pool! We've also been working late into the evenings without having much time off, building our small empire - hey, someone's gotta do it! Hopefully next summer we can pack our bags and take off to some exotic location and have a proper break!

You live in the Gold Coast, which is bursting with new energy, what are your personal must-see-and-do tips for visitors?

There is so much amazing talent emerging, and the Gold Coast, we're happy to say, is finally starting to flourish. Our fave shops for unique things include Small Stall in Palm Beach, Dragonfly in Burleigh Heads for kids stuff and Sunhouse in Coolangatta for all things surf related. Further south in Kingscliff, Oxley & Moss is a beautiful gem that's hidden away off the main road. Food wise, BSKT Cafe in Mermaid Beach and the OutCider in Kirra are perfect for fresh feeds, as is O-Sushi in Coolangatta, one of our frequent eating spots. In terms of exploring, heading out into the hinterland is always a breathtaking experience, no matter how many times you go. Love Tamborine Mountain and the Currumbin Valley (and if you're game, do a week at the Eden Health Retreat - the name says it all, it's heaven!). Coast wise, nothing for me will ever beat doing sunset walks around Rainbow Bay and Snapper - there's something magical about it, watching the sunset in the distance whilst the crystal blue surf crashes around you - just perfect.

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