The Weekend | DIY Projects

The weekend is the best time to get stuck into the jobs that didn't come to fruition over the course of your week. We've come up with a few easy ways to spruce up your home, without breaking the bank or having to buy completely new pieces of furniture. Now that the seasons are changing, it's also a perfect time to change up your interior's colour palettes. We're leaning towards soft golds, warm oranges and soft sage green. 


DIY Project #1. Framing Prints. 

Add colour and pattern to your walls with these Nodi Handmade Organic 'Lines' A4 Prints. Available framed or un-framed. Nail and hammer, necessary. (Image above)

DIY Project #2. Festoon Lights.

Make your windows glow a warm white by hanging up a string of Festoon lights. When it gets cooler, bring them indoors and hang them on your wall, preferably somewhere cosy. The light they give off is just beautiful. 

DIY Project #3. Colourful, Cosy Throws. 

Throws and blankets are the easiest way to add a pop of autumnal colours to your living space. Be as bright and clashing as you wish! We love the mixture of these two Missoni throws, a patterned Missoni Husky Throw paired with a Missoni Olav Marigold Throw.

DIY Project #4. Fairy Lights in Vintage Jars.

Give attention to that forgotten corner with a Tall Vintage Glass Jar filled with glowing Fairy Lights. Ideal for hiding plugs, cords and chipping paint! No tools required.  

DIY Project #5. Shelving.

Clean up your bench and cabinet top space with these beautiful Brass Shelves by Joska & Sons. Available in two sizes, they're perfect for displaying picture frames, vases, keepsakes and books. Easy to assemble. 

Have fun! 

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