Tea Van Visit with Storm & India Tea Sisters

Tucked into the sprawling grounds of Coatesville, a show-stopping tea van, dedicated to making the most luxurious of teas, is in full action mode. And the fragrances lingering smell divine...

We were lucky enough to visit the home of Storm & India Tea Sisters last week. A family owned and run business who are obsessed with organic ingredients, Chinese medicinal herbs and their benefits, and of course, the romance and ritual of tea...


Tell us about the farm you grew up on, and how do you think this experience has shaped what you are doing today.

We grew up on a 300 acre certified organic farm in Tasmania. We both had horses and spent a lot of time outdoors. We had an apple orchard, vegetable garden, cows, sheep and Dad even milked our cows and made fresh butter, cheese and ice-cream! This helped form our passion for not only real food and fresh quality produce but also sustainability and organic farming practices. Our parents founded a large organic baby food company so we grew up in quite a holistic but entrepreneurial environment, very aware of the hard work and dedication starting and growing a business takes.

What is your personal favourite tea and why?

I honestly do not have a favourite tea. I drink different blends depending on how I'm feeling or the time of day. I drink mostly green tea in the morning, black tea if I need an afternoon pick-me-up and herbals or white tea in the evening to help me wind down and relax.

You are very knowledgable about Chinese medicinal herbs and their benefits. How does this influence your tea ingredients list and recipes?

Alternative medicine has always interested me. I know the benefits of these firsthand and am really looking forward to learning more and expanding my knowledge. Every type of tea, herb or fruit has some kind of use or benefit. All of our blends have been carefully developed to make you feel a certain way and support any kind of lifestyle.

Tell us about one of the most memorable moments that has happened inside your Tea Truck.

A few weeks ago we had Art Green, the Bachelor, in our Tea Van brewing a few blends! Our Tea Van was suddenly swamped with girls!

What is coming up for Storm & India Tea Sister this year that you're excited about?

We are hoping to continue growing our business in Australia, extend our range of Tea Accessories and develop a few more specialty blends to add to our tea range.



Images include our new range of Amai ceramics and Studiopatro kitchen linens.
Images by Yasmine Ganley.

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