Thisby + Solomon

Crafted in a small workshop in Auckland, New Zealand, Thisby + Solomon's beautifully simple pieces are created from the finest natural materials and recycled sterling silver. Inspired by bohemian and tribal influences, their fine jewellery is a response to the often wasteful nature of mass production.

The image above features two Thisby + Solomon's pieces. The left; Silk Disk Necklace $89. Three recycled sterling silver disks threaded onto a hand braided silk, which hangs at a total length of 35cm. On the right; the Mini Mantra Warp $99, is created from fine Japanese glass beads and a recycled sterling silver disk pendant. Both pieces can be worn as a wrist wraps, necklaces or anklets.

A perfect gift for Mother's Day. See our full selection from Thisby + Solomon in store and online

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