Introducing Amaï Ceramics

Two 'expat wives', one armed with acute attention to detail and styling, the other with product development and graphics design, together founded Amaï. A ceramic collection designed and made in Vietnam, the brand's name Amaï means ‘wow’ in Antwerp (Belgium), where the two founders have their roots.

Amaï's artisan ceramic collection comes in soft pastel colours and irregular shapes. Each piece is thin and light weight, giving the impression of being delicate. However, as the dishes are fired at 1250 degrees celsius, they are surprisingly strong - they can even go through the dishwasher!

We've been using our Amaï ceramics for everything from tea and red wine to cheese platters and ice cream. 

See our full collection of Amaï ceramic plates, bowls, cups and water pitchers in store and online


Image above by Greta van der Star. 

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