There's Beauty in Transparency

This week we celebrate the relationship between sunlight and glass. 


Image above features: Etched Tumblers - Spiegelau Crystal $37. {The first documented mention of the Spiegelau factory is in the last will and testament of Erasmus Mospurger, dated 1521. The small mouth-blowen producer in the village of Spiegelau nestled in the Bavarian forest has gone on to become one of the major crystal production companies in the world.} 

Dimple Carafe by Monmouth Glass Studio $170, Champagne Saucer - Spiegelau Crystal $28, and Dimple Glass by Monmouth Glass Studio $60. 

Monmouth Glass Studio's Hand-blown Drinking Glasses, available in store only. 

{Modernist interpreters of classically hand-blown glass goods, Monmouth Glass Studio create pieces that people need, use everyday, and that are of value in function and necessity. Located in Auckland, their small collaborative glassblowing studio are also the makers of the breathtaking glass lamps in Britomart's Ortolana restaurant.} 

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