New Joska & Sons Lamps

Good lighting is essential inside every home. Beautifully shaped lamps and fittings can accent the room, instantly adding pleasing lines to any bedside, study or living room table.

We have just received these new Joska & Sons lamps in a pure and elegant white. The beauty of these lamps is not just in their simple lines, it's is also in their construction; All Joska & Sons lamps are made with bamboo plywood off-cuts from Kingwood Skis, their shades are hand-spun locally from copper and aluminium, making them both functional and beautiful.

{Image features: Poise Desk Lamp $560, Poise Wall Lamp $460, and Scissor Wall Lamp $590. All available in store and online now.}

We also came across this fascinating video on Joska & Sons of the metal shades being spun. A must-watch for any craft enthusiast.

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