Heidi Swanson's Kitchen Tales

We've been absolutely inspired by Heidi Swanson's most recent cook book Near & Far.

Known for combining natural whole food recipes with evocative and sensory photography, Heidi Swanson has traveled the globe to create this mouth-watering assortment of vegetarian dishes...

To celebrate the woman behind this beautiful book, we have pulled a few of our favourite quotes from Heidi that gain us insight to how she likes to enjoy and experience her own California-based kitchen. 

"I like the kitchen as a blank slate; a place that evolves over time.
I keep it as a neutral space that changes personality according to what’s in season."

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Gigogne Glasses by Duralex France $5.50]

"I like to store my spices in glass containers. It’s better than a thousand spice baggies crammed in a drawer."

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Studiopatro Tattersall Copper Linen Tea Towel $37]

"I keep things for a long time. It's not about accumulating things. I only add it if makes sense. A lot of things come from people I know, people I have a relationship with, like the ceramics and chopping boards and some of the ingredients. It's comfortable to be surrounded by these things and inspiring to work with them."

[Images above feature wooden chopping boards, Wild Wheat Kumara Sourdough bread, vintage knives, Near & Far by Heidi Swanson $45, Morgan Haines Ceramic Everyday Plates $39, Studiopatro Linen Apron $123.50]

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Quotes from Secrets from the Swanson Kitchen. Images by Yasmine Ganley. 

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