Petite Kitchen Recipe Calendar 2014

Food is meant to be enjoyed seasonally. The winter gives us earthy, warming foods while the summer delivers sweet and zingy fruits to our tables. It is a natural, rhythmical cycle that we should probably be listening to more often... 

Eleanor Cripps of Petite Kitchen has created a beautiful Recipe Calendar for 2014 which offers just that. A year-long selection of seasonal recipes to both inspire your eating habits, and spice up your kitchen routine. Each recipe is created as nature intended it to be - simple, wholesome and nourishing.

We are absolute fans of anything that Petite Kitchen is making and creating. We hope you will show your support to this fantastic young woman and her passion for food. The Petite Kitchen Recipe Calendar 2014 is now available on pre-order here.

Take the time to wander through the delectable Petite Kitchen recipes here

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