The Big Spring Clean

Le Serail is the only traditional Marseille soap manufacturer still in activity. For such a genius, everyday product such as soap, we choose to support such bravery in a world of fast overconsumption. Let's give praise to the people who are keeping beautiful traditions such as these alive. 

Make your bath time a luxurious experience with the addition of the classic, French Le Serail Marseille Soap. Four hundred grams of 100% natural soap, made exclusively with vegetable oil and no artificial colouring or additives. Add them to your guest rooms, your bathrooms, and your kitchens too! Plus, because of their excellent purity, they can also be used to wash the delicates such as silk and lace. 

Le Serail Marseille Soaps are available in store now and online here

Images: Tessuti Pinterest. See more bathrooms that we love here

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