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Four simple self-care rituals to embed into your week.

Come back to yourself with these four simple self care rituals:

— Before starting a task, spray the Calm Ritual Spray in the space you will be working in. Breathe in the gentle notes of wild geranium, lavender flower and Californian sage. Start with intention, inner calm and strength.

—Take a break. Light an incense. Boil the kettle. Whilst it is boiling do some gentle stretches. Reach for the sky, and slowly touch your toes.  Make a hot tea with fresh mint / ginger / lemon / honey. 

—Lie on your back, place Aromatherapy Eye Pillow across you face. Palm facing up. Take slow and deliberate breathes. Rest here for at least five minutes.  

—Light your Oil Diffuser using the Ritual Oil, dim the lights and take a long bath. This delicate refined scent is designed to calm the nervous system and create a sense of inner quiet.

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