New from General Sleep — Clementine

Clementine is the new collection from General Sleep Store...

Clementine is the new collection from General Sleep Store. A wide misty blue gingham textile is the central focus of this beautiful offering.

Thoughtfully designed and hand-woven on looms in India, General Sleep’s collection of sleepwear has been deeply considered for both those who wear it and those who make it. Originally set up to preserve handloom techniques, the initiative supports the local community by paying their weavers a living wage. General Sleep's organic cotton fabrics caress and cradle the body, making you wish for one thousand Sundays in a row. This being said, co-founders Bailey and Greta, encourage you to wear the Everyone Shirt with trousers or put the Summer Set on over togs when going to the beach... A comfort that can leave the house with you.

As the days become longer, warmer and brighter let's spend more time in garments that comfort us and make us feel relaxed. Shop Clementine, here.

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