Entertaining at Home — Summer Flowers

A three part guide to celebrating simply in the festive season.

With Christmas on its way we have put together a beautiful three part series for Entertaining at Home. The idea behind this series is to bring a sense of ease and simplicity to what can be a very busy time of year. With a few flowers and some humble recipes, we hope to bring you a well of inspiration to come back to in the coming months, in preparation for the festivities that December brings!

The first part of this series is called: Entertaining with Summer Flowers.

Flowers have a transformative effect on a room. Whether they are brought or foraged (or a bit of both!) a bouquet of flowers or a scattering of posies about the house really make it feel like a special celebration. Flowers bring joy! A red peony is completely eye catching. The Mānuka flower almost mimics snow. The poppy's delicate stem and paper petals can take your breath away. And green! Green everywhere! But it is not just a flowers visual presence that can transform a space— but also— the way that they fill a room with fragrance, especially on a warm summers day.

Drawing inspiration from Henri Matisse, Plum Blossoms, Green Background, 1948

Here are a few things you need to make your own arrangements at home:

  • Vases – Ceramic, glass, or wooden (for dry arrangements)
  • A good pair of secateurs
  • Flowers and greenery (brought or foraged)
  • A hand towel

A few things to remember:

Foraging is wonderful especially for greenery. Mix foraged finds in with brought blooms.

 Keep bouquets out of direct sun so they don’t wilt as quickly. This will extend their life.

Trim about 1 inch of stem off brought flowers. This will keep them fresh. Do this once every 3-4 days so you can continue to enjoy them long after the party. When you do this it is also a good time to give them some fresh water.

Have fun, anything goes! Flowers can only bring festivity and joy to a room!

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