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We recently spoke with LESSE founder Neada Deters about her reflections over last year, both personally and professionally...


LESSE, pronounced less, is built on the foundation that simplicity is hero. By paring back our skincare routines and amplifying the plant kingdom, LESSE allows us to heal ourselves with nature in a way that is uncomplicated and pleasurable.

We recently spoke with LESSE founder Neada Deters about her reflections over last year, both personally and professionally. Shop all LESSE, here.

When did your interest in botanical skin care first come about?

A care for skin has been there since the beginning. Growing up in Australia, skin is such a central aspect of health and I can't recall a day in my life that I haven't worn sunscreen. My grandmother who I was very close to was in and out of remissions for more than thirty years, and eventually passed away from skin cancer a few years ago. So there was always a concern for how I was protecting my skin from a young age. In adulthood, I fell into fashion editorial but never felt connected to the work. It was only when I started to take on some of the beauty features and interviews that things clicked. There were aspects of the industry that inspired me — the healing properties of botanicals more than anything — but I also saw a great need for change in how we think about, create and consume skin care. That was the starting point for LESSE.

We love that you are growing some of your own ingredients, can you share a little on this and what this process has taught you?

We work with an incredible manufacturing and growing partner. A couple of years ago, they purchased additional land close to their facility and we started growing what ingredients can thrive in that climate and soil. It's enabled us to use rarer ingredients and also to cultivate and extract for premium efficacy. It has also taught us to look at ingredients and formulas holistically, and shifted the way we think about what it means to truly be sustainable. Our goal now is to be more than sustainable; to be regenerative in our practices.

What do you feel your responsibility is as a progressive business owner?

To be uncompromising. To always put people and planet over profit. To change the way we think about skin care. To dismantle beauty norms.

This past year being mostly at home: can you share with us a description of a ritual you have introduced for comfort, beauty or joy? 

Our home has a beautiful view from a hill in East Los Angeles across the entire city, all the way to the ocean. It's become a ritual for my partner and I to stop everything at sunset and just take that in. It's my favorite part of the day.

"We believe organic skincare is a universal necessity, transcending binaries and essential to our individual and collective health. Our focus is on creating real solutions for common and chronic skin concerns through products that are truly effective and considerate of the Earth."

As someone who is paving the way for organic skin care, what is currently on your radar (skincare related or otherwise)?

Sustainable packaging innovation. The progress that is being made is incredible and I devote a lot of time to research in this space and connecting with engineers and company leaders who are pioneering new packaging concepts. I hope we'll see sustainability as customers' and brands' number one priority this year.

Nature is important to you, and therefore important to LESSE, where are some places that you are craving to revisit?

Idaho, Tasmania, New Zealand's South Island, Sicily are all places I hope to revisit very soon. To turn off and tune in.

How do you fuel up creatively?

Travel, time in nature, reading, great conversation with the many friends I admire and love.

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