Simple yet elegant artisanal home textiles handmade in India...

Introducing –– Injiri home wares by textile + clothing designer Chinar Farooqui. Working from her studio in Jaipur, Farooqui's passion lies in studying traditional textiles and the stories behind them. 

New to Tessuti, the MO16 Collection by Injiri incorporates a love for traditional hand-weaving techniques and various artisanal practices to create simple yet elegant products for the home.

Working with a network of hand-loom collectives across India, Injiri artisans work exclusively with organic cottons and natural dyes to produce a range of exquisite handmade textiles. 

Other specialized techniques such as delicate hand knotted tassels and button details are all handmade, passing through many hands and different makers to achieve the final product.

The care is evident in the detail –– the pleasure is in the use.

[Injiri 'King Sheet' –– $699, Injiri 'Pillow Cover' –– $297]

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he MO16 Collection by Injiri in store and online now.

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