Miller et Bertaux Parfum

“Imagination / silence / art and life, be free.”


Miller et Bertaux is a small but fine label with their own boutique. Founded in 1985 by Francis Miller and Patrick Bertaux, it is located in the colourful and special district of Marais in the heart of Paris.

“Imagination / silence / art and life, be free.” – That is the creed of Miller et Bertaux. It is in their lives and journeys that they find the best pictures and stories that they transform into unisex and genderless perfumes. Miller et Bertaux create fragrances for the body and the soul. “Parfums d’art, Parfums de nature” - Art originating from nature and bound to the earth.

Here we present you three parfums by Miller et Bertaux paired next to vessels by fellow Parisian makers Astier de Villatte. Each scent holds a grand history of roads traveled, a transportive journey to places of dreams...

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Bois de Gaiac et Poire—

"Close your eyes, and ..." is a modern homage to the great perfumes of the past. It is a madness in olfactory experiences with over forty ingredients. A magical work that poses its notes on the skin like a veil, where the aromas of the vibrant notes of Mediterranean citrus fruits are interspersed with oriental notes of patchouli, sandalwood, amber and cedar wood.

Indian Study / Santal +++

Indian study is the thirteenth perfume of Miller and Bertaux, especially dedicated to sandalwood lovers. Sandalwood of Mysore is considered the best quality of Indian sandalwood and the bark of Sandalwood Amyris with purifying virtues. The wood is heavy, yellow, and fine-grained, and, unlike many other aromatic woods, they retain their fragrance for decades.
Astier de Villatte Golden Pot & Platinum Pot $229 NZD

Oh, ooOoh.. oh—

A wooden house facing the sea that is hardly distinguishable. A veil of mist. A fire. A gin and tonic. The smell of dried grass. Surrounded by American nature. Sagebrush and juniper. Large redwoods. Over the other side of the plain, smoke rises from an Indian camp. The Night air fills with the scent of bitter orange blossom. Oh, ooOoh ...oh continues the theme of travel within the Miller et Bertaux fragrance family, this journey transports us to the breathtaking beauty of American desert plains.
Miller et Bertaux Parfum Oh, ooOoh.. oh $260 NZD
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