A stunning new range of painterly scarves + wraps by Australian textile artist Lauren Cassar.

Introducing Mirador –– Paintings by textile artist Lauren Cassar, beautifully printed onto silk twill scarves or silk wool wraps and hand hemmed by her sister Haley Cassar in Australia.

Each design is created with wild and gleeful abandon, within the large scale prints painterly strokes of colour collide with marbled textures and outline suggestions of strong femininity.

[Images above, Mirador Luna Silk Scarf –– $189]

[Image above, Mirador Smooth Rock Silk Scarf –– $189]

[Images above, Mirador Luna Silk Wool Wrap –– $255]

[Image above, Mirador Moon Dancer Silk Scarf –– $189]

[Image above, Mirador Holding Ground Silk Scarf –– $189]


Mirador sits amongst the small, independent businesses of Australian fashion and contributes to a nicer way of living, providing customers with only long lasting, high quality garments, locally made and genuinely hand crafted.

See our range of Mirador scarves + wraps in store and online.

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