MOOD — Winter Blues

Moments of appreciation for winter as we walk the last weeks of the season. 

We have made it through the depths of winter (hopefully with a warm crackling fire and longer sleeps!) and as much we cannot wait for Spring to spring, here are a few things to enjoy and walk the last few weeks of the season. 


The trees are laden and beautiful. Providing us with all the Vitamin C that we need. A perfect time to make freshly squeezed orange juice and add citrus into our cooking. (Try using the peel of lemon in risotto, or adding oranges and dates to a roast!) 


Put it on and don’t take it off.

Bring the garden inside

Buy an abundance of flowers or pick the early spring blossom. This helps for days when it is just too wet and cold to leave the house or office.  It is also the perfect time to grow a Hyacinth bulb in a jar and watch it blossom on your window sill. 

 Watch the sunrise

This is a surprisingly easier activity in winter as the sun rises much later in the day than in summer. Brave the morning bite, it will be every bit worth it.

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