Moon Lists: Questions and Rituals for Self-Reflection

A Guided Journal: Questions and rituals for self-reflection...

Moon Lists: A Guided Journal is a tool for noticing the mosaic of objects, thoughts, and feelings that make up everyday existence. As the moon naturally cycles through a month long arc of waxing and waning, look to its monthly rebirth as a cue to check in with yourself. What has had an impact on you this week as the moon has receded into the night? Or this month— as the moon has found wholeness again?

Moon Lists is a workbook of weekly and monthly prompts and list-making exercises for living more deeply. The prompts, intended to be answered in response to the last month, are centred around developing perspective around the present, questioning the quality of our attention, and reclaiming space for curiosity.

As the full moon rose this week, and as we continue to adapt to this new life at home, it feels like the perfect time to present this thoughtful and nourishing offering. In a time of quiet reflection, we have been using our journals to look inward, notice patterns and the things that bring joy, emotion and comfort. We will send your journals out as soon as it is possible for us to do so and in the interim we have chosen some questions (below) for you to engage with this week. The Moon List Journals are always so quick to fly out the door so we are grateful that we can offer them to you now at this time...

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How do we rediscover and appreciate the simplicities in life? Can we observe and document the present in a way that informs the future?
Moon Lists

Joy: A time of celebration, deep happiness, or that made you feel emotionally full?

Rearrange: Did you put something in a new order? Maybe something that suits you better at a different time of the day; maybe you organised a draw?

Conversation: Recall a meaningful dialogue.

Lonely: What role did loneliness play?

Most used: Take and inventory of what physical things defined the last month: a bobby pin to hold back your new bangs, a paper bag of just ripe figs, a new pen, a balm for sunburnt lips?

Culture List: What was read, watched, seen, listened to? And consider the ratio between mediums.

Questions have no value without engagement: I encourage everyone to borrow the prompts, develop a practice around them, and make them your own. — Leigh Patterson
Moon Lists
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