Creating Ritual with Bodha Modern Wellness

Four rituals to create delicate divisions within your day...

Is everyday starting to feel like Sunday? As we enter into this new phase of home: Home as a workspace, home as every place, we turn to Bodha Modern Wellness founder, Emily L'Ami, to create distinct yet delicate divisions within the day. By embedding small routines into this time we begin to recreate a sense of structure as well as self care into the weeks ahead...

"I like to open and close my day with simple rituals. In the morning I have a glass of warm water with cider vinegar, light a stick of incense and meditate for twenty minutes. And to close off my work-day I tidy my desk, make a pot of herbal tea, have a spoonful of prash, light a stick of incense and meditate again. These little rituals book-end my day and help me to feel calm and grounded no matter what’s gone on in-between.

I also have a Sunday self-care ritual where I go into the bathroom and just close off from the world for an hour. I light our diffuser with calming oils, body brush, put on a herbal face mask and jump into a hot bath with piles of Epsom salts. While I’m in the bath I focus on of all the great things from the previous week and what I want to bring to life in the next." — Emily L'Ami.

See below for four simple suggestions to create rituals within your day with Bodha Modern Wellness. Or Shop, here.

—Before starting the day, apply to Bodha Therapeutic Perfume to your wrists. Breathe in the gentle notes of earth, air or plants the the oil holds. Start with intention, inner calm and strength.

—Take a break. Light an incense. Boil the kettle. Whilst it is boiling do some gentle stretches. Reach for the sky, and slowly touch your toes.  Make a hot tea with fresh mint / ginger / lemon / honey.

—Lie on your back, place Aromatherapy Eye Pillow across you face. Palms facing up. Take slow and deliberate breathes. Rest here for at least five minutes.

—Light your Oil Diffuser using the Calm Ritual Oil, dim the lights and take a long bath. This delicate refined scent is designed to calm the nervous system and create a sense of inner quiet.

There is a deep, almost primal need for ritual in our lives, they’re like little touchstones amidst the chaos of everyday life. — Emily L'Ami
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