The Ritual of Tea

Take a quiet moment for yourself this weekend... 

Drinking tea is ritual that stands the test of time. It is included in everyday life as well as in ceremony spaces all over the world. It is a simple and precious demarkation of time where we can retreat to the couch to have a few minutes (or hopefully a few hours!) to ourselves. It is also a way to be together. It is an offering we share with friends and visitors when they come into the home.

Michelle Rabbin writes in The Ritual of Tea:

“There are many ways to establish a personal tea ritual. An important consideration is establishing a specific routine that you can easily follow. There are no right or wrong tea rituals as long as it’s something that speaks to you, enveloping you in a state of relaxation and balance. I’ve come to look forward to the tranquility as well as the creativity it sparks in me. By establishing a daily tea ritual, we can enlist the meditative properties that have the potential to produce powerful effects on our mind, body and spirit.”

This weekend take time for yourself. Wrap up in a soft blanket with your favourite cup and sink into the couch for as long as possible!

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The Ritual of Tea
The Ritual of Tea
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