At Home With The Midnight Baker

An ode to aprons around waists, flour on cheeks and busy hands on the kitchen bench...

This week is an ode to things that take time. An ode to aprons around waists, flour on cheeks and busy hands on the kitchen bench. As we are bound to home let us relish in the things that take a bit longer but that ultimately bring humbled satisfaction and joy. Recipes we have wanted to try but haven't yet found the time, cookbooks we have brought but never picked up, combinations of flavours that we are yet to discover. 

The Midnight Baker makes the act of baking bread very easy for us. No starters or hunt for flour. Just a bit of time and patience. These beautiful kit sets are made with whole and quality ingredients and are completely gluten free. Everything you need is in the box, just add water and your preferred sweetness and oil (we used coconut oil and honey). The Midnight Baker, Yeshe, named this recipe The Freedom Loaf. It is made locally in Auckland and comes in two nourishing options: oat or buckwheat. See below for our favourite toast toppings and shop, The Midnight Baker, here

NB: These kits were very popular in the weeks leading up to Level 4 lockdown. We have plenty more to dispatch as soon as it is possible. Stock up now and enjoy later!

“It is impossible not to love someone who makes toast for you. ” ― Nigel Slater
The Midnight Baker

A few of our favourite toast toppings that are simple and delicious...

—Butter & Sea Salt

—Fresh Figs & Ricotta

—Ricotta & Orange Marmalade

—Avocado, Lemon, Chili

—Nutbutter & Banana

—Hummus & Fresh Tomatoes

—Boiled egg, Fresh Herbs & Olive Oil

The Midnight Baker
The Midnight Baker
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