Waist Issue 03 | anyonegirl

A harmony of females voices come together for the third issue of WAIST.

The third volume of WAIST by anyonegirl has arrived in all its glory.

A conversation surrounding the female mid-section (both inside and out) exploring sex, movement, digestion and a woman’s gut instinct. A considered, strong and important exploration of what is means to be a mother and be mothered, to honour those who came before and to pass down our own stories for the generations to come—

“so that they realize we were not, and are not, just here to get married and make jam”.

This printed project is conceived by Yasmine Ganley and designed by Natasha Mead a long with a harmony of voices by the women in their creative community. Including commissioned works by Ophelia Mikkelson Jones, Kayten Schmidt, Shana Chandra, Greta van der Star, Zsuzsanna Toth, Lucia Zolea, Su Wu and more…

WAIST 03 will make the hair stand on the backs of your arms, tug your heart strings and rock you to quietly sleep. 

"I can hear your blue"

Shop WAIST 03 here. Moving image (below) by Ophelia Mikkelson Jones. 


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