Archie Tote - (black)


Archie Tote bag is big enough to fit your laptop in, along with all your other daily needs!

Dimensions: H x 45cm, WT x 19cm, WO x 45 cm, WB x 33 cm, DB x 14cm.

Made in New Zealand.


  • 100% Cow Leather / External Leather Pocket / Inside Leather Pocket / Leather Shoulder Straps.


Georgia Jay

Unfussy and modern, Georgia Jay is made for those who appreciate functional accessories made with a new sense of luxury — one that is steeped in consideration for both design and the environment.

Each Georgia Jay piece is happily made in New Zealand, with the application of slow fashion and an ongoing focus to use natural materials and hand finishings. Working with an array of exquisite animal hides, Georgia, always wanting to follow her intuition, hand picks all her materials locally and personally cuts every hide and skin as to always invest an intimate influence into each piece.

As well as making enjoyable leather accessories for her extended community, Georgia also makes the process enjoyable for herself. With a focus on tactility through her entire working process, from initial idea to the final product, her hands have been involved. Small, limited edition runs and one-off pieces, keep the brand adaptable and ultimately exciting.