Bolster Cushion | Turmeric Cotton


These Bolsters are great body props for under your head, back, or knees, providing good support. They are our ideal texture and weight for a bolster - firm and sturdy, but soft to touch. Klay cushions are meticulously hand made, using high quality materials and traditional craft techniques. They are designed and made to be enjoyed for years and years.

They are structured, firm and comfortable due to their five hand crafted layers. Inside, the first three layers are built up to sculpt our ideal bolster. An inner foam tube is wrapped in layers of wool blend wadding, batting and cotton calico. Each layer hand trussed closed. The methodical handwork ensures a beautiful, hand crafted shape.

The covers are made from upholstery grade cottons. They are removable and have a colour matched invisible zip. Made in New Zealand.


  • Fabric: Upholstery grade cotton.
  • Diameter: 20cm. Length: 45cm. Weight: approx 785 grams
  • Please note that the cotton range is locally over dyed & hand woven, so part of their character is that they may have weaving flaws or streaks from the hand made processes. Although we do always try to avoid major flaws, please note that they are hand made textiles, so may have some flaws. We think these are part of their beauty!


KLAY — Exclusive Interview

Join us in celebrating the hands of mother and daughter duo, KLAY. Each piece from KLAY is carefully handmade by Kirsty in their home-studio here in Auckland and is a perfect balance of humble and luxurious.