Carrière Frères Tea Plant Candle 185g


Harvested for its strongly aromatic leaves, black tea is known for its stimulating virtues. The leaves are oxidized and turned into ‘black tea’, a process invented by the British in the XIX century.


  • Scent family - Herbaceous.
  • Once infused into hot water, the solution sends out a comforting woody vapour.
  • High-quality vegetable wax.
  • Burning time - 45 to 50 hours.
  • Produced by Cire Trudon candles in France.
  • Size - 185g


Carrière Frères

In 1884, Carrière Frères was founded by the erudite and entrepreneurial Carrière brothers. Well-versed in 18th century wax craftsmanship, yet passionate about patents and new inventions, they set out to reinvent the candle-making process.
Carrière Frères was awarded a gold medal at the 1889 Universal Exposition and became the official wax supplier to the Basilica of Sacré-Coeur in Paris.
Carrière Frères candles feature a unique wax formula that allows for a clean and even burn. Carrière Frères candles are now expertly produced by Cire Trudon in France.