Classico Gift Box Set 01 (3x 150g soaps)


Gift Box Classico - 3x150G soaps by Claus Porto.

The assortment in this gift box features a selection of 3 soaps portraying different ladies in completely different contexts. Together, they offer an aromatic experience that goes from the violet perfume of Fox Trot, to the blend of four rose petals in Smart, finishing with the sea breeze scent of Ondina.

These three colourful soaps are wrapped in vintage Belle époque-inspired packaging, and are part of the brand’s unique story. A box of scented treasures, a colourful and aromatic story that started in 1887. Each soap has a manually placed wax seal, with the brand’s logo.

This Claus Porto soap is made with a 100% vegetable cleansing base and enriched with pistachio nut seed oil, a well-known ingredient for its superior moisturising and skin-softening properties. This will help provide a rich, smooth and creamy lather. Handcrafting traditions, perfected over 130 years, ensure a luxurious and long-lasting use.

Please note, we do not offer a gift-wrap service on sale items, and they are unable to be returned or exchanged due to change of mind.


  • Through over 133 years and four generations, Claus Porto developed its unique expertise in soaps, crafting a philosophy of authenticity and an incredible portfolio of colourful hand-made labels and design patterns, each with its own unique personality.
  • Made in Portugal.