Flour Sack Towel - Set of Three


Size: 80x90cm.

100% cotton.

Comes in a set of three.

Made in San Francisco, USA.


  • Pre-washed, absorbent and sizeable; these towels are suitable for any kitchen task. They can be used to wrap and protect food, while doubling as a cloth used to wipe, dry and polish kitchen utensils.
  • These 3 oversized and sturdy 100% cotton flour sack towels are simply the best quality you will ever find. Our cooking customers rely on them to wipe, dry, clean, polish, cushion, protect and wrap — without lint, scratches or streaks. Pre-washed, extra-thick and absorbent, these towels are good for almost every kitchen task. Sustainable and practical too, so replace those paper towels and use cloth, not paper :)
  • This 100% cotton fabric is absorbent, sturdy and becomes softer with each use. Use them often and enjoy the patina that comes with age.