Fresh Seasonal Flower Bunches - Medium


Fresh flower bunch medium, seasonal flowers.

Hands in the Dirt is the love child of Aila Morgan Guthrie, who passionately grows perfectly imperfect, sustainable flowers in the sunny Auhora Valley, 50 minutes North of Auckland, New Zealand.

We recommend when arranging your flowers that you cut the stems with a sharp pair of secateurs on an acute angle and place in fresh water, out of direct sunlight. It is a good idea to change the water every 2 to 3 days and recut the stems. If a flower, for example, on a Snapdragon, falls uncharacteristically off, it is because it has been pollinated by a bee on our farm. Something that is essential to Mother Nature and we celebrate.


  • Hands in the Dirt is a story of love for the land, of sustainability, of a belief that growing and sharing flowers brings joy into the world which enhances our wellbeing and adds to the greater good. It's a small voice in a bigger conversation that we all need to have and share. It's about connection, it's about a future where we live in harmony with our most precious but vulnerable asset, Mother Nature.