Houses: Atelier AM


'Houses: Atelier AM'. Written by Michael and Alexandra Misczynski, Text by Mayer Rus, Photographed by François Halard.

Published by Rizzoli New York.

Hardcover, 270 pages.

Dimensions: 254 x 318 x 33mm.


  • Alexandra and Michael Misczynski are the team behind the renowned Los Angeles-based design firm Atelier AM. They have been on Architectural Digest's AD100 list since 2012.
  • Eight new homes are featured in this new volume, and each features Atelier AM's signature reverence for patina mixed with the new: reclaimed wood beams and well-loved vintage modern furniture pieces mingles comfortably with century-old artifacts and antiques. The projects in this volume show a deep understanding of design history, from Spanish Colonial and English Classicism to contemporary.
  • The mix of modern and ancient acknowledges and celebrates both the past and the future of design. With photography by their long-term collaborator Francois Halard, and insightful texts by Mayer Rus, Houses: Atelier AM promises to be as rich and satisfying as an Atelier AM home itself.