Linen Kitchen Apron - Oatmeal


The 100% linen fabric is strong, washes well and needs no ironing. Hang to dry after machine washing.

Size: Unisex - One size fits most (89cm long x 76cm wide).

This apron is elegant, but thoroughly tested and approved for durability.The cross-back straps eliminate any strain on the neck, and it fits the body comfortably (snuggly or loosely, whatever your preference).

Made in San Francisco, USA.


  • Studiopatro was created with the words 'useful' and 'beautiful' as the driving motivation behind the brand. They are committed to creating locally produced, ecologically friendly and high quality linen designs to be used and loved in the home.
  • This 100% linen fabric is absorbent, sturdy and becomes softer with each use. Use it often and enjoy the patina that comes with age.