Maarten Baas Copper Cutlery | One place setting


Set includes: 1 each of table knife, fork, spoon and teaspoon.

Knife 22cmL, Fork 19.1cmL, Spoon 10.9cmL, Tes spoon 13.9cmL.

Copper brushed stainless steel (18/10). Dishwasher safe. Made in Italy.


  • Maarten Baas, an independant Dutch designer whose work is often described as rebellious, humorous, intellectual, theatrical and artistic, has designed a cutlery set for valerie_objects. The whimsical shape of each object and the brutalist cuts of the knife emerge from the initial study of the set. It is precisely these characteristics that are inextricably linked with the designer’s work.
  • Maarten Baas’s style is instantly recognisable in his cutlery set. The sketchy, nearly childlike shapes can be seen in many of his works, The knife, fork, tablespoon and teaspoon seem to have gone directly from sketch to the factory. Baas: “There is often a great deal of beauty in a rapid sketch, but those spontaneous lines often get lost in an industrial process.” A characteristic feature of this cutlery set is the irregular zigzag edge of the knife. An ostensibly simple intervention, which is precisely the most difficult part of production.