Opinel Essentials - Loft


Paring knife - for chopping, peeling, slicing and paring fruits and vegetables and trimming meat.

Serrated knife - to cut tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, sausages and grilled meats.

Vegetable knife - curved blade with serrated back to prepare and clean young vegetables.

Peeler -  for rapid and effective peeling of fruit and vegetables, both right and left hand use.

Dishwasher safe

Made in France


  • Opinel knives have been produced in Savoy, in the heart of the French Alps, since 1890. This essential set includes four small prep knives, each with a natural hornbeam handle stained in a different colour for easy identification. The blades are made of corrosion resistant stainless steel and stamped with the Opinel crowned hand hallmark. The set comes in a gift box.