Podium Incense Holder


This timber is sourced from local communities and small suppliers, and the incense holder has been treated with pure tung oil and beeswax, which are both natural and chemical free.

Each shape may vary slightly as each piece is hand built. Hand made in New Zealand.

Urushi finish: Urushi is a traditional lacquer that comes from the sap of the Asian lacquer tree. This finishing makes the surface of objects very durable. Due to its high performance in preserving objects, it has been widely used for art works and food utensils in East Asia countries. The charming shiny and slick surface is made when it absorbs moisture from air during curing and its multiple layers and slow drying process make it very hard.


  • Not suitable for use in strong, direct sunlight as this may cause discolouration and dries the wood.


Walk in the Park

Drawn to Walk In The Park for their sensibility to material, their work is homage to the variations of wood available in New Zealand. This tactile devotion extends into their desire to create products that are both beautiful and functional, blending the organic with the domestic. Walk In The Park is a pleasure to use, to hold and to simply admire. Sculptural and exquisitely produced, each piece is quiet in detail, yet brilliant in form.

Walk in the Park believe in a simple, honest approach to design where aesthetics and utility are intrinsic. Made in their woodturning studio in Titirangi, New Zealand, Sam and Jiho design and create sculptural and functional wooden objects.



Walk in the Park Studio Visit

We visit the couple behind Walk In The Park, Sam and Jiho, at their studio in Titirangi.