Roll Down Natural Canvas Tote | Blush Straps


This practical bag is designed and made to last for years and years. It's ended up being a bag we use for everything - laptop, overnight bag, lunchbox, laundry etc.

Can be used with the canvas up, or folded over, rolled or scrunched down.

Pure cotton heavy duty canvas. Immaculately finished throughout, including traditional reinforced seams. Straps are comfortable and sturdy due to them being made from a soft, wide herringbone weave polypropylene. 37cm wide, 43cm high by 14cm deep.


  • Care: Do not store in direct sunlight as this causes fading and sun damage. Always wash on its own, with cold water on a gentle cycle in the washing machine with very low spin using mild liquid detergent. Dry in shade. Iron (not too hot) to remove creases. NEVER iron near or on straps as they will melt!



KLAY — Exclusive Interview

Join us in celebrating the hands of mother and daughter duo, KLAY. Each piece from KLAY is carefully handmade by Kirsty in their home-studio here in Auckland and is a perfect balance of humble and luxurious.