Roman Hoops - Oxblood


Sterling silver, and fine glass beads, with a sterling silver butterfly attachment.

These earrings are handmade, and come packaged in a custom glass dish.

Approx diameter of hoop is 52mm.


  • Handmade in Auckland by Zelda Murray.


Zelda Murray

Auckland-based jeweler Zelda Murray trained in various aspects of jewellery making from traditional and technical to contemporary. Zelda works from a studio space at the bottom of her garden. 

It was natural that she would become a jeweler, having been a 'maker' since she was a child. "I grew up with potter parents and we always had beautiful functional objects around, so doing something similar always felt right." 

Jewellery continues to fascinate Zelda, with its combination of the personal and artistry. "It has such a history to it, which is a constant inspiration, and I love all aspects of it. To make things that people wear so closely, and that are often small in size but can hold such sentiment - or, on the other hand, to make something slightly strange but still with a beauty to it - this is what keeps me doing it."

Each piece, minimal yet vibrant is handmade by the artist, "otherwise a lot of the love would be lost. I like to have some sort of hidden romanticism but with a little power somewhere in there as well. I think that's what jewellery is all about."





Studio Visit | Zelda Murray

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